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Sexy Injector

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Hey, we’re back to some other great hacking injector named Sexy Injector. The injector is widely used to hack the PUBG game and you could test it on your Android OS to hack PUBG modern-day model. The capabilities aren’t restricted to the worldwide model only, moreover, you may hack the KR model as well. Don’t bypass the content, if you want to research the whole technique, because in each step we are able to talk essential necessities so that you can reduce the ban fee.

Sexy Injector is an open-source injector this is like-minded with all types of Android Os even if you could use it on non-rooted Android Os. But endure in thoughts when you have a non-rooted Android Os then you need to use digital like Injector to use the application. If the gadgets are rooted then irrespective of just download the simplest unmarried software and revel in the capabilities without virtual.

What is Sexy Injector?

Sexy Injector is an open-deliver app that is well-matched with all varieties of Android running structures, even though you could use it on non-rooted Android working systems. However, hold in mind that when you have an unrooted Android working device, you will need to apply a virtual MR shooter to apply this app. If the gadgets are rooted, you may maximum effectively download one application and use the functions without digital competencies.

Features of Sexy Injector:

The following are top hacks you could revel in after getting the right of entry to Injector.


  • Wallhack 425-450
  • Wallhack 625-636
  • 660
  • 710
  • 712
  • 845
  • 855
  • Red 425-835
  • Yellow 425-835
  • Yellow 425-835
  • Red 845
  • Green 845
  • Yellow 845
  • Yellow 855

More Hack Menu:

  • Memory Anti-ban
  • Data on&off
  • Aimlock
  • Less Recoil
  • No Recoil
  • AntiShake
  • Wide View
  • Black Shy
  • No Grass No Tree
  • No Fog
  • Magic Bullet
  • Autoheadshot a hundred%
  • AimBot 100M
  • Sit Scope
  • Antena

Speed and Brutal Menu

How to use Sexy Injector PUBG:


First of all, the Sexy Injector APK report on your Android Os through the link to be had above.


Locate the downloaded document and set up it on your telephone.

Open Virtual

If your device is non-rooted then clone the app and game in Virtual.


Lunch the app and permit all the permissions.

Floating icon

Allow the app to show off the floating icon on the tool screen.


Tap at the Injector button.


Choose the alternatives in keeping with your needs like Non-Root, Root, PUBG Global, and PUBG Korean.


Run the game without activating any cheat.


Don’t use any hack in the foyer, due to the fact whilst cheats on in the lobby officials freeze your account.


Start the PUBG game and whilst you input the gameplay open the floating icon and permit memory anti-ban.

Enable hack

Now you could permit hacks like Antena and other hacks. However, don’t allow greater hacks at a time.

Data on & off:

You must use statistics on & off-trick two instances in the sport. First when you kill any enemy and 2d whilst the 3rd sector starts offevolved. After killing the first enemy open the menu and allow statistics off & on. Then press good enough and close your internet connection both a statistics connection or WIFI. When you enter the lobby straight away open your net connection and enter the sport again. Use this trick one greater time whilst the third quarter starts.


by way of using these mystery tricks, you can win bird dinners.


With the manner of modification of online video video games, fashion is famous these days. So, in case you are inquisitive about online games hacking PUBG then you can surprise your nears and dears with a glimpse of Sexy Injector. You can also strive for another like Nix Injector to be had on our website server free of charge by downloading them.

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November 19, 2023