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Due to its distinctive features, Mobile Legends is one of the best battle games. For example, a colossal style of playable heroes with many costumes, 5v5 MOBA, and straightforward controls area unit a number of its attributes. Its vibrant graphics and engaging locations have attracted a lot of players towards it. And this is the reason why so many players prefer it. You will not believe it but NIX injector offers 365 ML skins and it is just free of cost.

Just imagine what happens within the presence of ample premium items. so, the player makes AN unstoppable triumph by defeating each participant in Mobile Legends. Users might have got to witness the rising trend of those mod apps. Even beginners who just started the game can survive during this multiplayer battle. So, you need to use this chance to show that any player can play like a pro. ML players use can easily use different tools to unlock premium.

Nix Injector is one of the kinds that help its player defend a strong rival and even a beginner can win using this app. Using the Nic injector a player can unlock different skins, avatars,s and costumes. With all these players can comfortably play and win the game.

What is Nix Injector APK

For the user’s safety, it is important that users should download an error-free file and not face any difficulty. You can check your safety using the guest account. This way users can confirm their safety and play with surety. Users can get a variety of effects and tools. Examples are: unlock the map, unlock analog, unlock emote, unlock recalls, and background. In the Background, players can get many options for the sport lobby, profile, and loading screen. This way players can customize their backgrounds the way they want.

Thus, you’ll customize these parts with totally different stunning backgrounds. Players can also see how many items are there for use and how much they have used. This way it becomes easy for players. There are menus from which a player can easily find different skins for their character in the game. Players have to simply choose and apply the skin. This app not only offers skins but also different options and features to make the game fun and easy for its users like drone view for locating places, emotes and battle effects, etc.

Features of Nix Injector APK

Following are some of the features that have brought success to the nix injector.


Players can unlock up to 500 skins in the game. Various MLLB skins include assassins, fighters, marksmen, mages, etc. And there are also a variety of painted skins as well. It includes Aldous to Saitama, chou to earn and many more are also available.

Drone view

Players can have a birds-eye view of the battlefield and other places using drones. The drones have 2x, 3X, and 4X which perfectly works on all types of maps.

No Ads

There are no ads in this app. But some promotional links are present that direct players to YouTube.

Game cheats

Various game cheats are available which have made the game easier for users to play.

Unlock effects

There are more than 40 recalls. Players will also get free access to 11 eliminations. Players can also unlock 5 notifications kill effects to better showcase their fighting spirit.

FAQs About NIX injector

Is it secure to apply N.I.X Injector?

Though the developer claims it’s by far the most secure hacking app we suppose it could purpose an account ban within the destiny. Because our angle is that the use of any kind of hack isn’t secure on your account, it will be our advice to use a new gaming account to get admission to the above functions.

What is the password for NIX ML Injector?

The new version (v1.Seventy one) of this app does not comprise any passwords. It was having a password within the preceding version, now there may be no want to place a password. However, there can be passwords inside the updated model (NIX Injector V1.Seventy one).

Why do I need to install the NIX injector?

As noted above, some ML features are most effective and available after paying money. NIX Injector, however, lets you get these capabilities without paying a single cent to the developers.

Is the NIX Injector Safe for My Android Phone?

NIX Injector is a 3rd-party app, which means that your records and private facts are visible to the admins of this device. But gamers all over the world consider the app, and there were no reviews of hacks or data leaks.

Last Word

In the end, NIX injector is one of the only apps of its kind that have brought a great variety of features for its users. The most impressive features that have attracted users are that users can unlock more than 500 ML skins.

The skins include assassins, fighters, marksmen, and many more. Furthermore, users can quickly have a birds-eye view of the battlefield using drones that have 2X, 3X, and 4X magnification. There are no ads in this app so players can easily play. But some promotional links are present that direct to YouTube channels. A great variety of cheats are available through which players can easily compete in the game.

There are also more than 40 recalls available. Players can get access Free of cost to the 11 eliminations in the app. Players can also get to unlock 5 notifications kill effects. NIX Injector has everything that a player needs to get excel in the battleground.

Additional Information

September 21, 2023